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iOS 11 finally released , What the features and bugs ?

iOS 11 finally released , What the features and bugs ?
iOS 11 finally released ,
What the features and bugs ?
 iOS 11 has finally been released to the public after months of betas and changes and small little things it's finally here so some small key details before you updates .

first off if you are on iOS 11 GM or the old Master which came out just a little while ago build number 15 a 372 you will not get an update this is because this is the final version so Apple's version that was released 19/9 equals the GM that means you will not get an update .

so if you were on that one here on the final version already now I first thing you'll notice after updating is that you actually save a ton of storage.

 I'm actually very curious so if you have it updated yet to do record the amount he had before and after and post. Because this is pretty significant iOS 11 will be saving you a lot of storage.

 now you won't find any updates otherwise than the ones that were found in the GM which equal the new wallpapers and a couple other smaller ones so nothing in terms of new features in there.

 if you have an updated already I would caution you apples going to have a new version the first year of release date bug stuff that people are experiencing now on a wide scale.
 if you are entering you're rushing into this update I'll recommend you wait until iOS 11.0 dot one or two. one which is coming about a month from and everything will be fixed everything will be patched and you will be sliding into a very smooth updates otherwise right now at their worst redbox.

 I'm a little disappointed that Apple release it with so many I'd even been experiencing Autumn crashing and glitching hanging out some of the most stay like half press like when you press on it, and that gray thing I stays like this for me all the time for whatever reason have you were holding back on this update, because you weren't sure if it would degrade your speeder performance of your device.

 I will actually be doing a speed test comparison from iOS 10 to iOS 11 final released across the range of all devices later 

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