Thursday, September 14, 2017


iPhone 8 release Date for pre-order and available

Apple introduce New Glass Design for new iPhone 8 with Very beautiful features .Smarter , Powerful and better of Camera .Charging iphone 8 Via wireless technology and support AR . iPhone 8 one of most Advanced new generation of iPhone Devices 

iPhone 8 release Date for pre-order and available
iPhone 8 release Date for pre-order and available

iphone 8 was built from glass , Front and Back designed from Glass for more and long time usage .One of the best features are Anti-water , anti-dust and Wireless Charging .

Screen of iPhone 8 designed with HD retina with true tone and wide color gamut and 3D touch support with new 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch , with two sizes .

What is True tone Features on iPhone 8 ?

True tone technology is a technology that make adjusting for white color automatically , this will make viewing more light around you with all environment around viewing .

What is Wide color Germut ?

This will make a screen more brillian and vibrant colors

iPhone 8 , make it easy to view screen from any angel with dual-domain pixels.

iPhone 8 Camera very exciting , with 12 MP and large , fast sensor for photos and video stabilities .

Creating a dramatic Lighting effects as studio with dual camera and a new feature names facial land-marking in portrait mode .

iPhone 8 Features will talk about them later

  • Optical Zoom
  • A11 Bionic
  • Faster CPU , 
  • Power efficiency 
  • Design GPU from Apple
  • A11 for AR reality apps and games
  • AirPower
  • New iOS 11 system 

iPhone 8 release Date :

15/9/2017 will be the released date of Pre-Order for iPhone 8 , and expected to be available in 22/9/2017 .

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