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Tips for student using Notebook and Child using Computer [ Videos ]

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Useful tips for students and Child to safe and protect self while using Notebook or Computer . These Tips will be helpful and easy to do with no time .
Tips for student using Notebook and Child using Computer [ Videos ]

Tips for students to use Notebook Computer 

Notebook Screen

Rise notebook computer monitor and position it in front of you directly 
Third top of screen part should be below eye level
This will increase productivity and decrease visual or fatigue discomfort 
Reduce Visual discomfortable by position Screen Vertically with Winow .


Set External Keyboard at elbow height
Reduce pressure inside the carpal tunnel without using wrist rest .
Close Elbow with arms to the body while typing 
Avoid touchpad and use external mouse at the same level with keyboard 

Desk or Table 

Clear desk to free moving mouse and set keyboard and notebook comfortable 


adjustable seat depth and height, with lower back support, armrests
your knees should be at an angle greater than 90°

Take a 30 second rest break every 20 minutes.

Children using computer tips

An eye examination.

 This makes sure that the child can see clearly and comfortably.
 For regular computer users, at least an annual eye examination is required.
When necessary, refractive correction and / or orthopedic exercises should be provided.

• Reduction of the amount of time that a child can continuously use the computer.
A ten-minute break for every hour work, will minimize the development of accommodative 
problems and eye irritation.

• Carefully check the position of the computer.The computer monitor and the keyboard are positioned and adjusted according to child’s body parameters.

The screen should not be positioned in a too high level in the child’s field of view; the chair should not be positioned in too low level and the desk not in a too high level. An adjustable chair is a good solution.

A foot stool may be necessary to support the child’s feet.
• Carefully check the lighting for glare on the computer screen.
Windows or other light sources could create glare on the screen.
 the desk or the computer screen should be turned to another direction.

• Reduce the amount of lighting in the room.In some cases, a dimmer light is preferred
 instead of the bright overhead light.

Children have different needs to comfortably use a computer. A small amount of effort for 
precautions can help to reinforce the appropriate viewing habits and assure comfortable and enjoyable computer use.

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