Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Firefox Quantum download for Desktop and Mobile

Firefox Quantum is the new Firefox version that will be faster than 2X or 3X than Google Chrome and more light of resources consume. What're the features and how to download it to Desktop and mobile? Let's start.

Firefox Quantum download for Desktop and Mobile
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What's new in Firefox Quantum?

  • Rapid Fire Performance with the powerful and new engine.
  • Page loading becomes more fast and better computer resources usage.
  • Smarter Features and wonderful Design with smart browsing.
  • With these new features, Firefox will become newer than Google Chrome.

Firefox Quantum Speed :

After speed comparison between Firefox Quantum and Google Chrome, We can say " Firefox Quantum 2X faster than Google Chrome. see this video on Mozilla.

Firefox Quantum Lighter 30% than Google Chrome and less use for memory and CPU. This will make firefox browsing more smooth and faster than before.

When you open Tabs in Firefox Quantum, you will still feel the browsing more smooth than previous versions. and switch between them fast and smooth.

You can import and export between any other browsers such as import bookmarks, auto fill, password, and history.

Firefox Quantum Protect your Privacy and prevent tracking :

While browsing the internet in Firefox, you will be safe from online trackers . and Ads networks will not be able to track you while you in private mode.

Watch more about Firefox Quantum in  our YT Channel ( t3chexpress )

Download Firefox Quantum for Desktop

Download Firefox Quantum for Mobile

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