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iPhone X (10 ) most top features .

iPhone X is the most incredible iPhone and in this article, I wanted to share with you top 10 features that experienced while using it.

these are 10 features not going to find on any other iPhone and that have mattered the most after switching to the iPhone 10 for iPhone 7 plus then the iPhone 8 plus.

1. stainless steel borders they look Simply Stunning .this mean we look alone does it for, but it really gives you premium feeling.

2. in the drop test, it seems to absorb energy better and dispersed throughout the phone better than aluminum in it.

after all, they ended up looking better not a scratch not as dented so stainless steel borders on a smartphone.

3. all glass design which you can't find on the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, it especially compliments the stainless steel borders on the iPhone 10, it just looks and feels so premium.

just holding it uncovered with how to case feels great to have noticed that the color is a little bit different versus the iPhone 8 plus, it's a darker shade of space grey which further complicates things as Apple's definition of space gray seems to change every single time.

3. they release a new product it especially reminds of the Mac Pro Tower it's very very similar shade and feel of the color, of course, the reason you're probably even considering the iPhones had is the start of the display the 5.8-inch edge-to-edge organic LED display.

which I think we're going to get to this point, I will take it over the previous LCD any day it just seems to sit on top of the glass instead of inside of it like the LCD.

This is also the sharpest display ever on an iPhone but it is still a pen Thai organic LED display, which also has quite a bit of flaws horse moving on to face ID.

4. one of the other reasons you're probably the iPhone 10 it's really a great replacement yesterday, we put it through its Paces it's secure ,it seems to work in almost every environment, it really could get better, but right now I think it's a little bit below the speed of touch ID certainly.

I think it could be faster with the double tap to wake feature is pretty cool I don't see why every other iPhone can't have it but it's nice to have it as an exclusive feature on the surface.

5. when you're drawing you get a super crisp and fast response like you would get on an iPad with an apple pencil just try it out, if you have on it is crazy how the display doesn't get a promotion.

the touch input does and it feels super gray and the new button orientation does take time to get used to but it actually makes more sense.

6. the Siri button on the side which replaces the power button is very comfortable ,now you have to reach all the way down to the bottom of the phone to activate Siri then to turn off the device you have to hold the volume up and power button which saves you from accidental power button input in your pocket .

7. the new app switcher on the iPhone 10 to get into a slide up and over like a reverse tell it's really great function on its own but also to clear all in the app switcher is much faster just tapping those little minus buttons much like on the iPad is super quick set of sliding touch one up individually.

8. one of favorite features of switching to the iPhone 10 is the bottom gesture control switch between applications has never felt more fluid and easy as it is just great if you ever get a chance to play around with an iPhone 10 do this it will sell you only hold no home button thing.

9. the Emojis it's something that is so complicated and technological and turned it into something so fun and I think what time will see more from it but it's just cool that you can do stuff in real time.

10. the lock screen at to hide your notifications just by not looking at them is pretty cool they get unlocked and it resets every single time you lock your device and still applies to all the notifications as well.

there are more attention features such as the display will not dim as long as you're looking at it and notifications will not sound when you're also looking at your display and as a bonus reachability still is there so you can down on the touch bar on the iPhone 10 to telephoto zoom lens is stabilized 8 +
does not have stabilization.

Credit and sources to : youtube.com/watch?v=31LTLCDSBM8

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