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project fi iPhone setup steps by step.

project fi iPhone setup steps by step.

Project Fi is google cellular carrier make it super cheap to connect million to Wifi across a glope.
project fi iPhone setup steps by step.

At this time Project Fi is available to Nexus and Pixel Phones but if you have iPhone you still can get Project Fi works well with ios devices.

Before start setup Project Fi in iPhone devices we show to check if your iPhone will work with project fi or not :

Step 1 : 
check if your iPhone carrier locked or not because this will refuse to connect to project Fi.

If you bought iPhone from Apple directly the chance is very high to works, but if you bought it from a carrier then you need to unlock the phone .

Step 2 :
After you check and determine if your iPhone will work well with project fi or not? then you can purchase project fi usually start from 30$ and Project Fi SIM card.

Sign up to project fi using this link: https://fi.google.com/signup , choose to Bring a Pixel or Nexus to Project Fi as a device.

Step 3 :
Activate Project Fi SIM from your Friend has Nexus or Pixel Phone 

When you get a notification that the SIM, not Full Activated and choose google account with project fi SIM card, Easy select use a different account and enter Gmail address.

After that follow prompts on the screen by hit continue.

Step 5 :
Remove your account data like email and password from your friend mobile the setting then accounts and choose Google, select the account need to remove it.

Step 6 :
Connect iPhone to Project Fi  Insert The card with your iPhone and restart the device.

After that, your iPhone will be readily connected to Project Fi Network.

What is Project Fi from Google and setup in Pixel XL?

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