Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Removing Sent message in WhatsApp latest version

Today I will show you how to remove sent messages in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has forward to become the most popular messaging services used in the world.
Removing Sent message in WhatsApp  latest version

WhatsApp has a direct approach when it comes to messaging once you send them there is no way you can recall or revoke the send messages.

The latest version of WhatsApp enable you to delete messages that press the button in error or mistake or repent what you sent to contact, deleting WhatsApp sent messages, in this video tutorial I will discuss how can delete sent messages on WhatsApp sent within the last 7 minutes
1. open WhatsApp from your iPhone screen once logged into WhatsApp

2. tap on the conversation available

3. Change that you want to delete is available touch and hold on the message that you want to delete until a pop-up menu appears

4.tap on the right out of from the pop-up menu to view more options

5. tap on delete option, tap on the left tick-box those messages that you want to delete a blue true sign on the boxes that messages on the line can be deleted it

6.after select the messages that want to delete click the trash, this icon located in the lower left part of the screen

if you want to delete the message on all devices tapping on delete for me will only delete the message I deleted messages are replaced with screens you are done please like comment and subscribe to

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