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Turn WiFi Off When connect INTERNET cable tip

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Today, I will talk about very useful tip and trick that will disable Wifi when Connect Internet cable. Let me go after watching introduction and subscribe.

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Most Laptop has Wifi to Connect to the internet using Wireless and doesn't use Cables.

Note that connecting the laptop to the internet will be faster and better transfer speed and stable than WiFi Connection.

When you connect internet cable to the laptop, Windows will not switch wifi on or off and still active even if you connect the cable which will drain laptop battery.

How to turn Wifi Off When Ethernet Connected automatically?
First, you need to make some changes to WiFi Card from Control Panel, So Follow these simple steps :

  1. Click start and search for a control panel.

  2. Find View networks status and Tasks.

  3.  Click Wifi Link as shown in the picture.

  4. Click Properties button 

  5. Click Configure button and then navigate to Advanced Tab.

You will find an option " Disable Upon Wired Connect " Under Properties Section and make it enabled.

Now, Need to make some changes also into a Wired connection.

as is shown on the page in the description below. https://goo.gl/Y6PU9X

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