Sunday, December 10, 2017

10,000 views in youtube tips and tricks

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10,000 views in youtube tips and tricks

10,000 views in youtube tips and tricks

Do you search for some methods that can help you to increase youtube channel views to reach 10,000 views, here are some tips free to do and get views that count?

  •  Tell your viewers to click subscribe Button and activate bell icon 

While you are talking in videos, tell your viewers to subscribe your channel and tell him why to subscribe.

  •  Rearrange your content to improve quality and quantity of videos.

  •  Optimize Metadata :

While you uploading the video to write keywords in tag section and valued description and eye-catching title.

  •  Add end screen to the video

Engage your viewers by adding end screen and cards.

  •  share your content on social media and your website.

  • Get share to WhatsApp, and groups to increase the traffics to your videos

  •  Continue post videos at the same time and tell your viewers when you will post new videos.

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