Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Chrome 63 enhance security and consume memory .Why ?

Google Chrome one of the most popular web browsers in the worlds for PC and Mobiles, But the problem of Chrome that it consumes a lot of memory than others, this makes Microsoft prefer their internet browsers to reduce memory consume which name is Microsoft Edge.

Chrome 63 enhance security and consume memory .Why ?
Chrome 63 enhance security and consume memory.Why ?

Chrome 63 has more security experience for the users that care more about security than Memory Consuming. Site isolated feature in Chrome 63 uses Strict Policy to make website individual process.

What happens when activating Site Isolate in chrome 63?

Every website and their contents will be rendered in a special process and isolated from others .this behavior will increase security, as  Google said.

Site Isolate gives the site users precise control to obviate such attitude through the process of custom delivering and isolating sites from each other. 

Site isolate maybe you can make it available to all websites or you can make it available only for specific websites (or many of websites).

By default google makes site isolate disabled, and you can enable this feature which will increase memory consume by 20 to 30 % from the memory usage

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