Tuesday, December 5, 2017

File Go Download to free up Mobile Space.

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File Go Download to free up Mobile Space.

File Go is an android app from Google that will help you to free more space in your mobile, search for files faster and share files offline with others.

File Go Download to free up Mobile Space.
File Go Download to free up Mobile Space.

file Go is a new file manager that can free your mobiles from files that consume your space.

Go File Storage Manager Features :

1. Free Up more Space :

Quickly and easy steps will free up mobile space, remove the photo and chat memes, Delete unnecessary or duplicated files and clear mobile cache.

2. Storage Monitor :

you can check Free Space, Used Space in Mobile memory and SD card and move files to SD easily.

3. Smart Suggestion:

Get smart helpful suggestion before erase space using File Go app.

4.Fast Search for files :

Find photos, videos, and documents on a mobile phone faster and using filters.

5. Offline File sharing :

If you and others have File Go on mobile, and nearby, you can share files in fast free and offline without internet or Mobile Data Cost with WPA2 Encryption file sharing.

6. Cloud Files Backup :

You can make a backup of all files in mobile to the cloud such as Google drive or any Cloud storage app.

7. Storage Management :

File Go doesn't affect your phone performance and has 6M of storage only.

Download File Go from Google Play Store.
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