Saturday, December 30, 2017


iPhone 6 and newer battery just 29$ from Apple

Apple reduced replacing the battery for iPhone 6 and newer models available just in 29$ to solve slow old iPhone devices with new ios version.

iPhone 6 and newer battery just 29$ from Apple

Late in January, Apple said that will replace the battery cheaper and it confirmed the date via tech crunch site.

The normal price for batteries is 79$, but the price reduced by 50$ to solve the problem of old model devices of iPhone that consume battery fast and make iPhone to shut down unexpectedly.

Many bloggers said that Apple makes new ios version that takes the old device to lost and slow down old iPhone devices, to enforce them to upgrade to the new iPhone models. but the truth that apple make some changes to power management starting with iOS 10.2.1.

Apple said that it will publish a new update to iOS in early of 2018 with a feature that can show to the user the health of iPhone battery. 

A replacement battery will be available in December 2018 to the worldwide with 29$ in united state, but this price will vary depending on the country exchange rate.

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