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Wireless Charging - Power Bank for iPhone and Samsung Mobile

Wireless Charging - Power Bank for iPhone and Samsung Mobile

This live stream will try to review or share some information about Wireless charger and power bank from Totu Qi Wireless Charging with 8000mah capacity . with a led screen that can show you the capacity of current charging percentage.

The Good news about this Wireless Charger is can used for iPhone 8 and X and some Samsung Mobiles and other brands for just 22.84$.

The Voltage is 5V and the speed of charging is 2.1A and it's fast enough to charge your mobile in less than one hour.

Let us see some images and photos credited to the owner of the charger.

As you see in the photo, that you can use this power bank to charge two mobile at the same time and also you can use the feature of wireless charging.

This is the LED Screen that shows power percentage that stored the charger.

here I will add some useful Guide While use Power Bank or Mobile Batteries also.

Don't charge the power bank or batter more than 95% and don't let the battery less than 25% to increase its lifetime.

Now, Let Discover some this item or product specification.
# of USB is ( 2 ) or Dual USB and the output voltage is 5V with Current speed to 2.1A.

You can connect any USB to start charge mobiles.
The input current is 1.5A to safe power bank.

This power bank doesn't support Fast or Quick Charge Technology.

Power bank capacity is 8000mAH

Continue with power bank 
  • You can this power bank wireless and wire.
  • Compatible with iPhone 8, 8P, X
  • Support Wireless fast charging
  • Dual USB and sensor for automatic charging.

Please read these compatible devices with this power bank. 

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