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learn Screenshot of Windows 10 tutorials with Keyboard

learn Screenshot of Windows 10 tutorials with Keyboard

Whats is screenshot mean on windows 10?

The screenshot is an image printed on your computer screen and save it as a photo with extension as jpg, png and can be shared with friends or on your websites.This article shows you how to screenshot your screen on windows 10 and save it as a photo without using any software "using keyboard shortcut only".

Method 1: Use PrntScr button on Keyboard :

PrtScr is a button on keyboard found between F12 and Scroll button labeled with "prtscr" in most popular keyboards, this button when pressed, it will make a copy of what you see in your screen in computer memory that can paste it in any image editing software like Paint or Photoshop or even office software.

How to screenshot using prtScr button :

  1. Open what you need to capture on the screen.
  2. Press "prtScr" button on the keyboard.
  3. Open your favorite editing software such as MS Paint.
  4. Click " CTRL + V" to paste the screenshot into the editor.
  5. Click File > save as and select the extension you need.

Method 2: Use Snipping Tool to screenshot of Windows 10 Desktop:

Snipping Tool is more flexible than prtScr so you can screenshot in a rectangle, free-form and entire screen and add an annotation to the screenshot image.

How to screenshot using Snipping Tool in Windows 10:

  1. Click Start menu and search for snipping tool and run it.
  2. Click Arrow beside New button in Snipping tool window to select screenshot shape.
  3. Drag and drop to select the area that needs to screenshot.
  4. Click File then Save to create image file from the screenshot
There are many other shortcuts and methods to screenshot your screen, we will update this article. subscribe to notify you of new updates.

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