Monday, January 29, 2018

Disable Intel's bad spectre microcode fixed by New windows patch

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Disable Intel's bad spectre microcode fixed by New windows patch.

Microsoft released new windows patch to disable intel hardware spectre attack introduced by Intel's mitigation.

The weak in Spectra and Meltdown attacks that leak sensitive information by speculative execute a behavior, Intel makes microcode update to the operating system to control the ability to predict branches.

When detecting OS changes, more control to prevent unwanted Information disclosure.

Lately, Intel detects that microcode updates make devices to reboot with Haswell and Broadwell Processor Chips.

and applied to the sandy bridge, Ivy Bridge, and kaby lake parts.

Microsoft makes initial new updates to detect the presence of microcode updates and control it if available.

This new update or patch from Microsoft will prevent using microcode features and also Microsoft makes Registry Keys to enable or disable the protections.

The new Microsoft update can be downloaded manually.

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