Thursday, January 18, 2018

Project Fi - Unlimited Data Plan - Data Bill Protection Fi Users.

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 Project Fi - Unlimited Data Plan - Data Bill Protection Fi Users.

Welcome, This video will talk about new features add to Google Fi Plan.

Google attract more users by adding a new service to their Project Fi Plans called Bill Protection.

Bill Protection will cab 10$ per GBod data at 60$ a month.which will make users use data as he needs, particularly making unlimited data plan version that required.

Prior to today, Project Fi users were charged $10 per GB no matter how much data they used, which could become quite costly for heavy users. 

Bill Protection should help alleviate those worries for most users. Google says Fi users who use Data up to 15GB in a month won’t feel any throttling, but if they pass 15GB of Data in a month — Google says less than 1 percent of Project Fi users pass that mark — they will Feel slower data” with speeds going down to 256kbps.

To avoid Slow speed after you pass 15GB per a month, you can pay usual 10$ per GB. Also, Bill Protection has different levels of usage depending on Group size

Other Project Fi Plan remain the same. If you use less data, you’ll still pay less money, and Bill Protection will work on data-only plans and when you’re traveling internationally as well. Project Fi says the update will start rolling out to individual and group plans today, and current users will see the changes on their next billing cycle.

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