Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Google Pay , Whats News and How it Use ?

Google Pay , Whats News and How it Use ?

Google Pay , an Exciting app from Google to Ease and Safe Payment using Google Pay.

Hey Guys, This video show you new information about Google Pay to process payment in Google Play Store.Let's Go after like, comment, share and subscribe.

Google Simplifies payment process using Google Pay By merging Android Pay and Google Wallet in one payment process called Google Pay.

Google Pay will safe and make rewards, offers, purchases, passes and payment methods easier and safer as they said in a blog post.

For old Users, Payment method will move smoothly from old to the new system and automatically update including Transfer financial details, credit, and debit card information to the new system " Google Pay".

But for new users, allthing will start from scratch and the app will check the devices if its ready to use Google Pay.

If Google Pay app successful downloading and installing, the next step is to check hardware and settings payment methods.

When making a payment the system will make help to easy buying in stores, shoppers with Gpay or NFC Logo.

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