Friday, February 23, 2018


Keep viewer to watch your video and increase watch time without closing video fast

This article will help you to fix and how to keep viewers watching your videos and don't let him leave the video on youtube after few seconds of viewing or click the play button and start watching your videos.


Why your audience exit your video Quickly at the beginning and how to fix it?

there are many reasons that let viewer exit your video quickly, but if this happens continuously on every video then you need to look at the following note.

Is your Video Title and Thumbnails are not misleading which make viewer to expectation and then after play video they not see this expectation in first few seconds of the video.

Maybe the title of the video makes misleading only and there are no connections between the title and thumbnails.and don't make the expectation in the minute eight while you use it in thumbnails.

So, you need to set title connected to thumbnails and you should talk about them in the first starting seconds of the video to engage the viewer to continue watching the video to the end.

We also prefer start to make the value to the content in your videos from the start of it and reduce introduction time or channel intro and start talking about valued content directly.

If you can make viewers continue watching your video from starting seconds to the end of video then this will affect watching time by increase highly.

if you feel these tips will help you to fix that viewers exit from starting of playing videos then share it or comment on your testing. 

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