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What is the new feature in Google Assistance for iOS ?

What is the new feature in Google Assistance for iOS?

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Google recently introduced a new feature in the Google Assistance on the iOS system, this new feature allows the user to track all the reservations he created through the application.

According to the reports, the feature of tracking reservations will appear below the Account section within the Settings menu in the Google Assistance application. When you click on the reservations option, a pop-up window will appear to choose from the reservations list and allow the user to specify upcoming and previous reservations for trips, hotels, and events.

The user's bookings or reservations are collected via GMail. When you arrive on a flight, a list of the airline, flight number, destination, and dates will be displayed. The user can click on special arguments to receive more details.

The user can also take a look at how to make reservations by opening the mail from which the reservation was made.

It is worth mentioning that the reservations option is currently unavailable in the Google Assistant in the Android system.

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