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How to avoid hacking in simple steps?

How to avoid hacking in simple steps?

Hello guys, Welcome to this new video, we will tell you how to avoid penetration only by following the following simple steps. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and comment on a question or question and admire the video.

Hackers and criminal institutions in a constant race with security technology and information protection to steal user data and identities.

It is very important to know the simplest ways and means by which to preserve the safety of our digital lives.
In most cases of hacking, the reason for hacking is the habits of the user, not the technique or tool he uses, and the most famous example is the use of the same password in many sites.
A normal user can create many accounts and reuse the same passwords. This puts your accounts at risk when you use the same password for multiple sites. This means that all accounts using the same password are vulnerable to hacking.

To solve this problem, you can use the Free Password Manager tool and install it in your web browser and smartphone. It generates and stores passwords for each account, and this helps you remember one or two passwords.

Tip 2: Do not click on any link you receive by e-mail, even from trusted sources or from a friend. You can contact the sender first to inquire about the link.

Third, use anti-virus software, even if it is free is better than stay without protection. Although most free protection programs do not give full protection from the newly developed viruses. But security experts and protection, they found that the House of Devender and Kaspersky of the best Free security software, do not forget to find a suitable protection program for you.

Finally, do not share your personal data on social networking sites. Putting a lot of personal data into contact sites means that it is easy to steal your privacy, and may cause significant financial losses or inconvenience.

At the end of this video, I'll ask you some questions to share in the comments below.
1. How can the average user handle a lot of passwords?
2. What happens when you share your personal data via social networking sites?
3. What is the cause of the breakthroughs that occur most often?

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