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How to fix Slow Hard Drive On Windows 10 Startup

How to fix Slow Hard Drive On Windows 10 Startup

Slow Hard Drive on Windows 10 is very annoying to many users when he startup windows, this problem will consume computer peripherals.in this article we will give you some tips that fix this problem.
How to fix Slow Hard Drive On Windows 10 Startup

How to fix Slow Hard Drive On Windows 10 Startup

  • Using Task Manager, disable unnecessary programs from running at startup:

    • Doing this can make your computer boot up faster since Windows doesn’t have to preload so many programs when it first starts up.

  • If applicable, upgrade to an SSD:

    • Solid State Drives are much faster than traditional mechanical hard drives. Switching to an SSD will yield much better boot times and system performance overall.
    • If you’re already using an SSD, be sure it’s not overheating or too old. SSDs tend to slow down as they age, mainly due to degradation in the flash memory chips.

  • Run Disk Cleanup:

    • Run Disk Cleanup as Administrator and tick all of the options it gives you. Doing this will not only speed up your computer, it’ll free up storage space as well.

  • Run Disk Defragment too:

    • If you’re using a tradition mechanical hard drive, then running Disk Defragmenter can increase system speed by correcting and removing fragmented portions of the data stored on your hard drive.
    • If you’re using an SSD however, then Windows 10 automatically defaults to optimization and trimming, which is also accessed using Disk Defragment. Never defrag an SSD, that can fry it.

  • Remove all bloatware installed by your computer’s manufacturer:

    • Computer OEMs like HP, Dell, Acer, etc all package their computers with a suite of useless garbage software that only serves to slow down your new computer. Using the Settings app, go and remove these unnecessary programs.
    • Microsoft also pre-packages Windows 10 with some useless apps too, and Windows 10 also automatically downloads games and other garbage (Candy Crush, Disney, etc) from the Windows Store.
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