Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Don't Let Your Car Battery Down This Winter

It is suggested that the majority of breakdowns occur as a result of the car battery. These breakdowns happen on a regular basis however during the winter months, battery faults are at their peak. 
Don't Let Your Car Battery Down This Winter

The batteries are not really accustomed to the poor and cold weather conditions. As the winter season requires us to use our headlights more often, as we have the heating on each time we're in the car and the fact that we need to use the wipers more regularly, this all has detrimental effects on our car battery. 

As well as all of this, the car battery plays a keen part in the national January struggle.|As all of this, the car battery plays a keen part in the national January struggle.} 

The car has probably been used less over Christmas than any other time of year, therefore when it makes a reappearance after the festive break the battery will not be used to being used.

 This ultimately causes plenty more breakdowns and the start of the new year is said to be the busiest time for companies like the AA. So what affects your car battery and what can you do to prevent its failure?

What affects your car battery and what can you do to prevent its failure?} Well, like already mentioned the cold weather has horrendous effects on our car batteries. The efficiency dramatically depletes and the chemicals inside the battery can actually freeze over. 

In order to prevent this from happening, it's important to maintain your car during the winter months. If you have a garage it is advised to utilize this to it's fullest over winter. If you do not have a garage then you can always remove the battery from your car, a sort of 'battery hibernation' operation. 

This may seem like a little too much effort but the consequences of damaging your battery will be a lot worse. Just like the cold, the hot weather will have drastic effects on your car battery. If the car is subjected to high levels of heat or if the car overheats the battery can actually burn out, as the battery fluids are known to evaporate. 

If you know your car is overheating it is advised to distribute the heat around the inside of the car. This is highly uncomfortable for you as the driver, however, by turning the heat up and focusing the heat internally the temperature will circulate; relieving the pressure from the engine and battery.

 Leaving the lights on in your car is one of the most simple and common mistakes, however, this forgetfulness results in the prime reason the car battery fails. It's absolutely essential to turn off your headlights and interior lights. 

You must not leave your car stereo on for so long too as this will wear down the battery. You will know very quickly if your car battery has decreased as the engine will simply not start. Once you've put the key in the ignition and turned, there will be no noise and no movement. If you're lucky enough to experience this on your drive then it is easily dealt with, however, breaking down on a car park somewhere will not result in such an easy solution.

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