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Everything know regarding the 2018 mac mini

It’s official: Apple’s second fall 2018 event has been confirmed for October thirty in Brooklyn, New York. Rumor suggests that Apple goes to speak a few new iPad professionals and MacBook, however, there’s another device that would additionally get some attention: The waterproof mini.

If you’re a bit shocked at that, there’s an honest reason. It’s been many years since the waterproof mini got AN update, and Apple has seldom spoken the small personal computer sq., though Tim Cook did say a year past that, “Our customers have found such a big amount of inventive and attention-grabbing uses for the waterproof mini. whereas it's not time to share any details, we have a tendency to do arrange for the waterproof mini to be a crucial a part of our line of products going forward.”

Reports currently indicate that it’s finally time for AN upgrade. Here’s what we all know and suspect a couple of potential waterproof mini reveal at the top of October.


Some reasonably processor upgrade is a noticeable alternative for the currently out-of-date waterproof mini, and rumors back in Gregorian calendar month indicated that the mini might receive an influence boost this year.

But what new processors are we have a tendency to talk about? Well, four generations of Intel Core processors have returned and gone since the waterproof mini was updated last. this model runs on dual-core Core i5 or Core i7 processors, therefore we’d expect Apple to update to one thing just like the 8th-gen Core i5-8400 and Core i7-8700 processors — each of that are six-core CPUs. 9th-gen desktop chips have solely begun to roll out from Intel, however, the powerful K-series processors are out of the question.

In the realm of pure speculation, one different risk might be the Core i5-8305G and Core i7-8809G. These are the Intel/AMD hybrid units that embody AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics aboard a quad-core, Intel processor. It’s a chic chip created for miniaturized PCs just like the Intel NUC. it might re-frame the waterproof mini as an additional capable recreation and content creation tool, that brings the US to our next purpose.

SWITCHING TO a professional MODEL

Rumors and leaks have mentioned the chance that Apple can revamp the mini into a mini professional model that's aimed primarily at professionals UN agency need to stay their show and accessories, however, switch out for a higher-power model.

In this case, Apple would update not solely the processor however additionally expand the storage choices. A waterproof mini professional would additionally add additional business-friendly options to the unit, which might presumptively sell it at a better value than this $500 waterproof mini. This theoretical mini professional would slot in well with Apple’s different October focus, the iPad professional, as 2 skilled bookends for the event.

Since the mini has found a range in network setups and business information storage, it might be for several of those new options to the target server and network management, permitting the mini to fit into many alternative information setups across a variety of companies.

SSD disc drive

This one is much a shoe-in.

The current waterproof mini shows its age with choices for AN HDD, SSD, or fusion drive combination. That was an additional common providing some years past, however, currently, the market has shifted additional absolutely toward SSD choices. we have a tendency to expect a brand new mini would launch with SSD-only storage, most likely offered up to 2TB or additional. It’s an easy, smart move that a lot of different waterproof devices, as well as the iMac professional and waterproof professional.


Let’s assume that Apple acknowledges the mini’s new role within the workplace and is focusing additionally on professional users. This makes it way more seemingly that the new model can include further ports, particularly USB-C/Thunderbolt three and extra-local area network ports. this might build it additional helpful for information management in business things — and additional versatile overall.

But is that the mini still AN diversion device? Ultimately, what Apple decides can most likely confirm whether or not or not the HDMI port can keep. diversion has modified lots in exactly the past four or 5 years, that leaves Apple in a very little bit of a tough scenario on a way to position the waterproof mini.

If Apple decides that the mini is an additional reception with tasks within the work, it should take away the HDMI in favor of different “Pro” connections. however if the mini still features a future as AN diversion device — maybe sort of a versatile relative to Apple TV — then little doubt HDMI can keep. If this can be the case, then Apple undoubtedly has to upgrade video support to 4K also.

It’s additionally doable that Apple might cut backports to solely USB-C and Thunderbolt three to imitate with its MacBook professionals.


While we’ve detected some rumblings concerning what a brand new waterproof mini might be like, however little or no involving its actual physical look. The waterproof mini is thought for being tiny, tho' the definition of tiny has modified rather quickly over the past few years. Compact PCs which will attach to the rear of monitors or match on your keychain are all over you look, and a brand new waterproof mini would address the dynamical context with its size and style.

In terms of materials, that’s additionally up within the air. curiously, Apple has still been creating new waterproof minis, however solely as restricted releases. the corporate has been used strictly recycled Al from iPhone cases to make waterproof minis only for use within Apple facilities. This doesn’t say a lot of concerning what Apple could unharness in October, except that recycled materials might be a component of the arrange, however it's AN example of however Apple still uses the mini even in its own information design.

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